IT Certificate

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Goals of IT Certificate

Help students of various backgrounds and capabilities who seek entry into IT or a better role within an IT organization to gain or grow the skills they want to achieve success

IT Certificate is offered usually with a college or a corporate partner and customized to the needs of the students associated with the college and partner. It can act as a “minor”or diploma for a student seeking a degree program.

There is no “one size fits all” although the end goal in each case is mostly the same and the companies we hope our students join might probably be the same!!

Students make an investment in themselves – we are proud of their achievements

Content Development Help from teams in IIT Chennai

NPTEL – Industry Associate, AWS EdStart Member

Academic Partnerships with NEP focus

  • NEP allows for the online component for a degree programme could be between 5-40 percent
  • We want to team with Accredited Academic Institutions looking to allow students take a “Minor” in IT
  • Will customize to suit particular colleges and their requirements
  • Work also with local teachers and help drive hybrid offering

Student Roadmap Two Options